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Bela Vista has been in the family since 1943, during the second world war it was 

bought from "Vicentinho" family, the name is still used for the location. Since 2019 we have been working to restoring, improving the space as well as developing it further.

A lot is done by hands, your host Margarida loves to restore antique furnitures that you are able to see in the houses and outdoors. She is also an enthusiastic chef, she fires up the wood oven on special occasions and loves producing local delicacies for special events as well as dinners  and lunches.

The garden is kept by and worked on by Margarida who green fingered.

Sara, her daughter fell in love with yoga during her many years in London, now she also teaches and Bela Vista, and works with the community in the algarve to design, plan and create exciting wellness events involving food, yoga and dancing.

We collect rainwater during the winter months so we can water our garden during the summer, currently its enough for 60% of garden and fruits but we plan to expand and by the end of 2022 our garden, plants and trees will be self sufficient! Currently we have orange trees, lemon trees, almond trees, olive trees & many more trees we also have ​roses, plants...

In the houses, most of the warm water is also solar heated, by the end of 2022 all of the water will be solar heated. We also plan to produce around 70% of our electricity by the end of 2023, by 2025 we will be pretty much electricity self sufficient. 

Not to mention we recycle & upcycle pretty much everything from old sheets turned into curtains and old tables, chairs brought back to life. We give back to nature our way, and you help us do that.

We create, nourish and gather a community of spiritual beings, yoga enthusiasts and healers from all around the world. We are a family run business, with traditional local accommodation, Yoga facilities, a BBQ area with kitchen and pool to be used by the guests. Bela Vista Retreat is a place you can connect with like minded individuals, recharge your batteries and enjoy the sun and piece and quiet of the Algarve. The views of the sea or mountains are simply stunning.


Send an email to or call us on +351926279751

“Welcome to Belavista!"
Sara and Margarida are the owners and your hosts 
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