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Top things to do

while at Bela Vista

The Ria Formosa nature reserve, along the Ecovia, is home to a variety of bird species, fish, and shellfish. The unique islands of Armona, Fuzeta, Farol, and Deserta offer spectacular beaches akin to those found in the Maldives or the Caribbean. Explore the vibrant Olhão market for the freshest fish, fruits, and other local produce. Immerse yourself the natural beauty of nature and flavors of Olhão.


Visit Olhao

One of the best things to do in Olhao is to visit the famous Olhao Market aka Mercado de Olhao. Its open from 8AM until 1PM. Packed with beautiful local produce offering ranges from regional fruit, vegetables, lots of fish and also local cakes and sweets. Part of the charm is the local people manning the stalls, they are usually very friendly.


Check out the "Route of the legends" there are many statues around Olhao downtown, read and find out about the famous town legends.

From Olhao Pier you can get ferry boats to the Islands: Armona, Deserta, Farol, Culatra.

Visit Fuzeta

Fuzeta is only 5 min by car or a 30 min cycle from Bela Vista. In Fuzeta you will eat the best and most inexpensive grilled fish, there are many places you can go to they are all great, we recommend Café Os Mestres or Café Corvo.


Fuzeta has one of the most beautiful beaches too, get the ferry to Fuzeta Island (5 min) and enjoy the Maldives-like turquoise crystal and calm waters, you can visit the usual side of the island, that has two cafes and loungers you can rent from June until end of September, or go to the right hand side, here you have the option to bathe on the warm waters of Ria formosa or pop to the costal side to enjoy some waves and low waters with sandbanks. In my option the right hand side is more beautiful but more wild, there are no cafes or shops unless you want to walk 2km to the Island main side.


Barril beach

Also only 20 min away by car it is one of the most beautiful beaches around. If you like to walk, park the car and enjoy around 2km of nature, dunes and some birds, chameleons, if you adventure out of the main path. The beach is long, turn right and you will see a nudist beach after 1 or 2 km, of if you fancy keeping your bikini or swimsuit on enjoy anywhere!

Cacela Velha

It is one of my favourite places to enjoy the sunset. Park up and walk up the old castle walls and enjoy the breath-taking views of Ria Formosa from up high. The town has a gorgeous local beach that is worth visiting, you can walk up to the beach in the low tide, or get a small boat at high tide. This beach is right next to Fabrica beach which is also very nice and you can walk up there on the low tide.


Visit Tavira

Tavira is one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal, visit the old roman bridge, walk up the Castle and visit the church up top. Tavira is also really big on entertainment especially during the summer months with concerts taking place in the main square. There are also many great restaurants and bars. The restautant No de Gosto or Ti Maria are my favourite restaurants in Tavira.

Visit Faro

Faro has some history, museums: museu do Algarve and culture teatro lethes, capela dos ossos.

Faro has some really lovely bars and rooftop bars, drop by Faro Hotel and enjoy a beautiful sunset looking over the Marina, you can also eat and drink in the old town: Cidade Velha Rooftop is beautiful to enjoy al fresco drinking or dining or Vila Adentro for lovely food and beautiful decor inside, not always the rooftop is open, but if it is its worth enjoying.

Faro Beach is only 10 min drive from Faro. It tends to get really busy during the summer months, sometimes its not easy to park. Remember to factor that in. It’s a very nice beach and great to watch sunsets or sunrises. Faro beach is filled with bars, restaurants and cafes. Drop by "Rui" and enjoy one of the best Cataplanas in the algarve or enjoy a few drinks at one of the bars, Bel'mare Gastrobar offers great cocktails and food.


The eastern algarve is incredibly beautiful, although I do recommend you visit the west Algarve, especially Praia da Marinha, and enjoy the walks by the coast all the way to Carvoeiro. Truly beautiful views of the sea and rocks. I also recommend you go to the nearby Benagil beach and rent up a kayak or a SUP and visit the caves, another option would be to do a boat to see the caves.

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